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Does finding your passion require you being the best student in your class in reading fluently or math computation?

Following your passion in life requires perseverance, talent and effort. If your passion requires you to read, spell, comprehend or do math at certain level, you do not need to be the best in your class at all of those things if you are going to be successful following your passion. All exceptional individuals share the common thread in school; they were all good enough in reading and math milestones to support them in their pursuit of their passions.

Allan’s Mission
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The Impact Approach to Learning

Closing reading and/or math Gaps with a students peers is a top priority, but the efficacy of a reading and math program depends on students reaching mastery for each milestone.

Hauskens Impact Learning Lab’s role is to help students close their gaps in reading and math, so they can participate in their language arts or math class at grade level which is the gate opener for the student to reach their potential.

Allan’s Approach

Over 20 Years of Experience

Allan Hauskens has over 20 years experience helping students with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia reach their potential.

Allan’s experience and education has transformed him from a content teacher focused on delivering content to high performing college bound high school students to an educational therapist working with students diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

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  • Abe went to school to take his 8th grade picture today and the teachers pulled him aside to tell him that he did better than over half the class on the math assessment! He was so proud. Rachel D

    David F.

  • Allan Hauskens worked with my child at her school for 5 years two to three times per week. She has several learning disabilities plus ADHD. Under Allan’s guidance she became far more organized, much more aware of and attentive to deadlines, gained skills in writing papers, math, and learned strategies necessary for her to “learn to learn.” Allan understands kids and adolescents with learning and attentional issues and he both challenges and supports them. My daughter really enjoyed working with him. Both of us recommend him highly.

    Ingeborg M.

A Proven Method to Teaching

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Students with Dyslexia can be taught to read if they commit to a program that is based on scientific research. The Wilson Reading System is one of the most prominent programs available today and focuses on reading fluency, spelling, reading comprehension, and expository writing.

Reading Intervention Program


Students with Dyscalculia have issues with the fundamental math concepts that disable students from performing basic math operations; as a result, an intensive math intervention is required for many students with Dyscalculia.

Math Intervention Program

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