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Fourth grade struggling with math is given an informal math assessment and parents ask: How will the informal math assessment be used to get Susie to grade level?

Strengths Susie's informal math assessment gives us a good picture of her strengths and weaknesses. Her strengths are her ability to add or subtract four digit numbers that require renaming in all 4 place values. In addition, Susi…

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At the end of one year in the Wilson Intensive Reading program the parents of a 10th grade student asked: After one year in the Wilson program, how is Luke progressing?

The Wade, Wilson Assessment of Decoding and Encoding, is a proprietary assessment that is used to assess a student's mastery of concepts taught during a period of time. Luke finished steps 1 through 6 over the past 12 months, so he was given a WADE a…

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A ninth grade student Diagnosed with Dyslexia in the fifth grade: Now that you have assessed Lacey, how long will it take my daughter to catch up to her peers?

The WIST (Word Identification and Spelling Test) provides a Fundamental Literacy Index that provides insights into a students knowledge of symbol and sound relationships, and her ability to read and spell regular and irregular words. Reading words, s…

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