At the end of one year in the Wilson Intensive Reading program the parents of a 10th grade student asked: After one year in the Wilson program, how is Luke progressing?

The Wade, Wilson Assessment of Decoding and Encoding, is a proprietary assessment that is used to assess a student’s mastery of concepts taught during a period of time. Luke finished steps 1 through 6 over the past 12 months, so he was given a WADE assessment. Luke’s WADE mastery scores will determine what percentage of the concepts taught through steps 1-6 that he has mastered. This assessment will also provide a benchmark of Luke’s understanding of skills for Steps 7 through 12 which is useful information as he progresses through Steps 7 through 12. However, you are asking how Luke is progressing at the end of his first 12 months. The WADE’s mastery score is focused on how Luke reads High Frequency Words (HFW), phonetically regular words and pseudo words. It also measures how he spells HFW, phonetically regular words, and both HFW and phonetically regular words embedded in sentences. Luke’s results on the WADE reveals he can read and spell 100% of the HFW words in steps 1 through 6. When reading phonetically regular words, Luke can read 100% and spell 92% of these words in Steps 1 through 6. He read 96% of the psuedo words from steps 1 through 6, and he was able to spell 100% of the words embedded in sentences for steps 1 through 6. A reasonable threshold for mastery is 85% or better. Thus far, Luke has reached those levels for reading and spelling words in steps 1-6. Through step 6, students are taught the closed syllable, vowel-consonant-e, open, and the final stable syllable consonant-l-e. Each syllable type has exceptions, so Luke learned the exceptions for each syllable type. In steps 7-12, Luke will learn the remaining 2 syllable types. They are the r-controlled and the double vowel. In addition, Luke will learn to read and spell new Latin Bases along with there meaning, and he will be introduced to common Greek combining forms which he will learn to read and spell.