Support for students that need content expertise or a learning specialist to close skill gaps needed for current courses. Subject expertise available for English, history, science and math. Learning specialist support for closing skill gaps in  reading comprehension, writing skills, math or executive functioning (organization and planning). Subject matter support can be integrated with learning specialist support for skill gaps. The result is specialized support that is customized to help students and parents navigate subjects and close skill gaps as they arise.

Allan is a professional member of the Association of Educational Therapists, a credentialed teacher in the state of California. Allan has taught high school college prep courses (Acalanes High School in Lafayette). He has also worked as a school learning specialist at a private middle school (Tehiyah Day School in El Cerrito) and as a college prep teacher at a private high school (Orion Academy in Moraga) for students on the autistic spectrum.

Content support, organization, planning or skill acquisition support is recorded using Smartboard technology. The notes from each session are put in a secure location in the cloud. Students and parents have user id’s and passwords to locate specific notes from any session. In addition, communication with Allan by the student and parents are tracked in separate conversational strands.  Parents can view all student conversation strands with Allan and review all notes from each session.  Conversational strands with parents are keep separately and are not viewed by students.

Each on-line or home school support session is 75 minutes long.  Sessions are available Monday through Friday. More than one session per week can be reserved.  Sessions start at 8am.  A reservation for specific days and times are made with the purchase of 5 sessions for 500 dollars, 10 sessions for 800 dollars or 20 sessions for 1400 dollars. Specific session times can be reserved for one year or more with the purchase of 5 to 20 sessions purchased sequentially throughout the year. Individual on-line or home support 75 minute sessions can be purchased for 125 dollars per session. To set up a reservation or to make an appointment for a free consultation please contact Allan@dvedtherapy.com. Reservation schedule is located below:

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