Jump Start – Study Skills – July 22nd through August 22nd


Course is designed for students going into the 9th, 10th or 11th graders that have high expectations and rigorous classes.


Students learn Study Skills needed to become independent learners and how to reach mastery in every class. Students will learn a highly effective study routine that they can repeat for each mid-term test. The study skills to be learned are based on methods used to help highly motivated and bright students that lacked the study skills to reach their potential.  Students that have used these study skills transform from struggling students in a rigorous class to fully engaged students in pursuit of mastery in their same rigorous class.

Established Study Skills gives students the confidence to take rigorous classes.

Established Study Skills gives students the confidence to take rigorous classes.

Students will be shown a system that can be used in every class to reach mastery. By the end of high school students that become independent learners are able to cope with the demands of a college curriculum. During the Jump Start program, students will apply their new study skills to one course they will be taking in the fall term. Students will prepare notes and study guides for relevant and challenging curriculum they will encounter during the school year. Study skills will prepare students to think critically, master material, take mid-term tests and final exams. The study skills learned are transferable to all classes. Discussions during program will go over applications of learned study skills to other classes. Students will leave with valuable takeaways that will give them a boost when the school year starts.

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The Jump Start program is 16 sessions spread over 4 weeks. Each session will be 75 minutes long. Students will work with the curriculum from a challenging class that they will take in the fall.  Given the intensity of the effort by the student and the uniqueness of their class choice, there will be a maximum of 3 students per session. During each session students will receive group instruction on study skills and one-on-one instruction on their application of study skills to their chosen class.

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